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Mission Statement

established. 2004

Slip Angle Motorspots, what is it? Well most people would call it just another average car club founded on the basis of trying to get attractive women, and creating rice burner vehicles. No, that is not our goal. Our purpose is to provide a breeding ground that creates real "race car" drivers, not just the average bolt-on modification car guy. Slip Angle Motorsports is not a fantasy world, we distinguish ourselves as top notch competitors and real motorsports enthusiasts. We live and breathe motorsports, not just your average weekend warrior. Every member of the club helps one another in helping them devlop advance skills in motorsports. By helping them choosing tires, brakes, weight, etc. it is what makes the person unique, rather than every other vehicle out there. To an average person, the car they drive is just something that gets them from point a to point b. We see it as a potential competitor, a beast waiting to be unleashed with the right love and care. Competition is what drives us, the will to win. It is what makes Slip Angle Motorsports standout from the others in the crowd. Slip Angle Motorsports, we love the curves.

Founder and President,

Alex Dunn